Best Stellar (XLM) casino sites

Best Stellar (XLM) crypto casinos sites

Stellar is a fork of the Ripple system, which took place in 2014 as a response to a number of pressing problems of the latter. In 2017, the cryptocurrency began to be listed on exchanges, and its token XLM managed to rise from $0.002 to $0.87 in one year, fully matching the logo. After that, the altcoin got really interested, and casinos were no exception.

Today, the price of the coin is relatively stable, which allows many gambling resources to base their work on this digital coin. And those who do not risk going too deep into this environment, still implement Stellar as one of the payment methods on their platforms.

Stellar (XLM) casinos

Advantages and disadvantages of Stellar (XLM)


  • The base transaction fee is 0.00001 XLM.
  • It takes 2-5 seconds to complete a transaction.
  • The ability to transfer funds does not depend on the location of the person.
  • You keep your anonymity.


  • This cryptocurrency is quite volatile.
  • You run the risk of encountering unprofitable conversions.

Using Stellar (XLM) in crypto casinos

The opportunity to make transactions in cryptocurrency at web casinos appeared for gamblers in 2017 at the peak of the growth of coins such as BTC. After that, there was an increase in attention to digital tokens. But over time, other interesting assets, like Staller, have also emerged. The main feature of cryptocasino sites with XLM is the anonymity of payments, instant money transfers, and the virtual absence of transaction fees. All this is the best for gamblers who are looking for favorable conditions for transactions with their winnings.

Basically, the cryptocurrency online casinos also work with fiat (real) money, which is explained by the desire of the platforms to cover the widest possible audience of gamblers. In such a situation, users looking for casinos with cryptocurrency bonuses are forced to go through dozens and hundreds of brands in search of a suitable site. Especially for such gamblers and were created online casinos Stellar. Here, visitors can compare the bonuses among themselves and understand that here you are waiting for the bonus rewards with the most suitable conditions.

Choosing the best casino that accepts Stellar (XLM)

How to find the best cryptocurrency casino for XLM?

Reliability of cryptocurrency casinos

An online casino with Stellar is where users‘ money and personal information are stored. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that a particular site can be trusted.

If you have to deal with lesser-known resources, it makes sense to get as much information as possible. This is where independent information sites, forums, cryptocurrency player communities and a good old-fashioned Google search will come in handy.

Player Protection

Additional player protections are a good sign for XLM cryptocasinos. This could be tying the player profile to a mobile device, confirming login via email and the like. Reliability of servers and connection is also very important, but here you usually have to take your word for it. It is important to check whether the casino contains such systems.


The presence of a license is quite a strong argument in favor of the reliability of the site with games on Stellar. It implies the accountability of the company to the supervisory authority of the country where the license was issued. Such a crypto casino must strictly comply with the requirements to protect users‘ data and personal information. This means that if an institution has a license, it can be trusted.

A full-fledged mobile version

The ubiquity of smartphones has contributed decently to the popularity of online gambling. After all, you can now play on XLM wherever there is an internet connection. That‘s why it‘s great if a crypto casino has a well-optimized mobile version. One that takes into account the peculiarities of mobile gaming with high limits, while keeping the functionality at the same level. Then this casino will be available to you almost anytime and anywhere.

The right providers and games

Imagine you find a Stellar casino with an awesome VIP program, crystal clear reputation and the most welcoming staff. And here‘s a mishap: this site has all the providers ... except the one whose games you‘re interested in. It‘s a shame, but it‘s better to notice it right away rather than after your first deposit.

The same goes for specific games or categories. If you‘re a blackjack fan, it makes sense to look for a site that has blackjack with high betting limits. And when you can also choose among several applications, it‘s great. The more games with high stakes in XLM the better. If you‘re bored with one game, you can always play another. It‘s not just about table games, but slots too.

Bonuses in the casino, with deposit and withdrawal to Stellar (XLM)

Bonus policy of XLM cryptocurrency casinos is not much different from the web-sites that do not use BTC, Stellar and other coins. Operators develop starter packages, willingly offer rewards for depositing and regular play. At the same time, no deposit bonuses in XLM casinos are more common, which is primarily due to the cheapness of the tokens. However, the operators give them out with higher wagering requirements: high wagering, short activation and use periods, low stakes game.

It is worth remembering that, as in the case of fiat money, it is forbidden to withdraw cryptocurrency before full wagering, otherwise the entire amount of the gift will be written off. It is also necessary to take into account other requirements.

In general, exclusive bonuses are limited only by the generosity of the casino itself.

These can be offers such as:

  • Cash prizes without a wager.
  • Cashback at the end of the week or month.
  • Freespins with higher bets.
  • Deposit bonuses.
  • VIP tournaments and lotteries.


Is it important for Stellar cryptocasino to have a license?

The license is the aspect that allows the casino to emphasize its reliability, status and compliance with current laws, that‘s why this document and its availability in the casino is extremely important.
Cryptocasinos with XLM coin are as safe as any other gambling resources, but here you will find the best protection, because all transactions are anonymous and you do not violate your privacy.
The main advantages of cryptocasino Stellar are instant banking, as well as anonymous payments.
The main disadvantage of such places can be called one thing - the volatility of the coin, which can hurt players.
The best casinos with XLM cryptocurrency you can find on your own or by using specialized sites.
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